What's Hot in Backyard Design


Everyone's backyard should be their own personal oasis. If that sounds like an expensive proposition, it doesn't have to be. Picking the right elements and spending wisely will provide you with a staycation placefor years to come. Here are six trends that will help you create the backyard of your dreams:

  • Sustainability--including low-water gardens, drought-tolerant plants and less turfgrass. All are better for the environment and the pocketbook.
  • Edibles--incorporating edibles into ornamentals not only adds interest to a garden, but will help lower grocery bills.
  • Quality over Quantity--building over the top landscapes is out; quality is in.
  • Water Features--the sound of running water is good for the soul, and water fountains can be an inexpensive, luxurious addition to any garden.
  • Indoors Out--the popularity of outdoor living spaces that include furniture and fabrics that look as if they belong indoors isn't going anywhere.
  • Solar--from LEDs to irrigation systems, solar-power is definitely here to stay.

For more great tips and images of backyard trends, follow this jump to HGTV.

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