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Turn an Old Leather Jacket into a New Laptop Sleeve

by on Jun 28, 2010

Carly’s DIY leather laptop sleeve rivals any store-bought equivalent, hands down. These are the supplies she says we’ll need to make one ourselves:   

  • leather jacket with lining OR leather and lining fabric you’re starting from scratch
  • quilt batting
  • 1 button
  • black elastic cord 
  • marking chalk
  • leather shears
  • fabric scissors
  • thread
  • sewing machine needle for leather
  • sewing machine needle for woven fabric
  • hand-sewing needle, if your button has a shank
  • leather/vinyl glue
  • tape 
  • matching upholstery thread, optional 
  • walking foot or Teflon foot for sewing machine, optional
  • clothespins or binder clips, also optional

For the rest of the deets, check out this post at Threadbanger.