Ready to Commit: Busting Up Your Ugly Ceramic Floor Tile

Ready to Commit: Busting Up Your Ugly Ceramic Floor Tile

You may remember a post I did here on Curbly about painting the mauve ceramic tiles in our front hall. I stand by that project. However, painting the ceramic tiles in our master bathroom doesn't strike me as wise way to do away with that look.  Every single day I stare at the tortoise shell colored tiles and wonder how much I'd regret getting started on this project. Once I start, the tiles continue into the closet, up a step, and across the floor of a sitting area we've covered with carpet. So, even though I know in my mind what it takes to do this job, I checked back in with my trusty gurus at This Old House to remind me of what I may be getting into. 

Here's what you'd need:

safety glasses

leather work gloves

cold chisel

3 lb sledgehammer

flat bar or similar demolition tool (power chipping hammer)

(possibly) a reciprocating saw with a 12 long wood cutting blade

You have to start out by seeing what's under the tile, if you don't already know.

So just pick a spot and chisel out a section to see what you're in for. Assess what tools you'd need to rent and then pick a couple of days for demo. Remember, if you damage the subfloor, you'll have to replace that too. Hmmmmm?.....

Read more tile removing advice from Joe Ferrante at This Old House

Photo Image: The Hardware Aisle

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