5 Baby Gear Must-Haves for a One-Bedroom Apartment


Let's face it, it's not the baby that takes up a lot of room, it's all the crap that her parents think they need--or are TOLD they will need--to go with her.  Not only does the stuff take up a lot of room, it costs a lot of money too. So, although these tips are directed to new, soon-to-be parents living in a one-bedroom apartment, they really are gear essentials for anyone expecting their first bambino.

  1. a small crib on wheels
  2. a feeding chair
  3. a dresser for clothes storage
  4. bins for toys
  5. travel versions of swings, bouncers and such

To read more tips for small-living parents, check out the reader comments on Ohdeedoh as well as the entire article on Mommy Poppins from which the aforementioned tips came.

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