Make a Girly Oilcloth Pup Tent

Make a Girly Oilcloth Pup Tent

If I had a mom like me when I was a kid, I would have been a happy camper, literally. My mom was creative, but probably wouldn't have attempted to make me a cozy, girly, oilcloth pup tent where my buds and I could hang out in the rain, or even spend the night.

In order to make this pretty little tent for you or your kids, here's what you'll need:

6 yards 55" wide girly oilcloth ( Anna Marie Horner's laminated cotton fabric)

2 48" x 1" dowel rods

2 3" nails

grommet kit and 8 grommets

tent stakes and nylon tent rope

duct tape

hammer or hatchet


sewing machine

extra tarp for the bottom (optional)

Here's how you create this girly hideaway:

1. Cut the 6 yards of oilcloth in half crosswise giving you two 3 yard pieces

2. Cut one of those pieces in half, lengthwise

3. Stitch the cut edge of one piece to one selvage of the 55" piece and stitch the other half to the other side of the 55" piece of oilcloth

4. Turn over and apply duct tape to the seams

5. Install grommets around the outide of the 108" square at the corners and the middle of each side after you've reinforced the underneath side with duct tape for strength. The grommets should be installed 2" in from the edges. Grommet Installation

6. Pound a nail into the top of each dowel rod, leaving 3/4" exposed

8. Raise the center of the tent by placing two opposing center grommets over the nailed tent post. Attach nylon rope around the nailed poles and pull them out away from the tent so that the tent top is raised, attach to a tent stake and pound it in the ground.

9. Starting in the center of the remaining sides, pull the tent out and pound stakes through the grommets. Continue with the remaining grommets until the tent is formed.

10. Add a tarp for a waterproof bottom.

11. Have a girls only meeting in the tent or just hang out during a gentle rain. No matter what, it's fun, it's an adventure and it's your own, little escape

Main Image: Nouveau Stitch



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