How to Refresh your Kitchen, Part 3: Layout & Cabinetry!

How to Refresh your Kitchen, Part 3: Layout & Cabinetry!

Today marks the halfway point to our new, refreshed kitchens. We have our inspiration and our measurements; next we consider layout & cabinetry. 


Basically, there are 5 different kinds of kitchen layouts. Some are better suited to your needs and space than others. Here is a breakdown:    

Single-Line: Good for small to medium-sized, narrow kitchens. Note all the appliances on one wall.



Single-Line with Island: Good for larger kitchens; accommodates multiple cooks. 

Bonus Tips: The island should be no closer than 48” from the cabinets; if you don’t have room for an island, opt for a rolling cart.

L-Shaped: Practical, accommodates multiple cooks and easily adaptable to a small dining table or island.



U-Shaped: Perfect for large kitchens, provides ample storage. 

Bonus Tip: For the comfort of multiple cooks, do not position work surfaces directly across from each other. 

Gallery: Good for narrow kitchens and food preparation. Provides for good storage.

Bonus Tip: Allow at least 48” between facing cabinetry.



created at: 06/02/2010

  • If you have a small kitchen, opt for narrow, high cabinets with full-extension drawers.
  • Treat yourself to high-quality, soft-closing hinges.
  • Bonus Tip: A 2” filler/spacer between the wall and cabinet will enable full operation of drawers and doors. 
  • Store what you can in drawers versus overhead cabinets
  • Treat yourself to drawers with integrated hardware that close slowly and quietly.
  • Bonus Tip: Don’t position drawers in a corner.
  • Make use of drawer and cabinet organizers.
  • Bonus Tip: If you are short on space for drawers and cabinets, use a vertical wall system like IKEA’s Asker Wall Rail System.


And speaking of IKEA, the retailer provides for various styles of cabinets & drawers. 
Country: Akurum Fagerland
Modern Country: Akurum Lidingo
Scandinavian: Akurum Solar
Modern: Akurum Abstrakt

Tomorrow’s Kitchen Refresh installment: Appliances & Lighting!


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