Make a Cottage Garden Chandelier

Make a Cottage Garden Chandelier

My shade garden is an absolute oasis. The only way it could be better is if it could be softer and more 'room like'. Wait, I've made a number of interchangeable bench cushions, covered an old spool with a Morroccan inspired tablecloth, added some more cushy seating, what's missing?Why of course! A beaded chandelier made from Mardi Gras beads. Dollar Store Crafts shows you how you can fancy up your shade garden digs with a lovely, inexpensive hanging chandelier. All for under $10.00, and a few hours. This one doesn't include lights, but read the full tutorial to get ideas how to light it up.

You'll need these materials and tools:

hanging wire basket

6 packages of Mardi Gras beads

light gauge wire (floral wire works)

spray paint

wire cutters

hot glue gun and sticks

added embellishments (ribbons, flowers, lights, shiny dangly decor, etc.)

Now, gather the materials and make good use of the rainy weather!


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