Unbelievable Cabin Makeover

Call of the wild

You know those real estate ads that says 'Needs a lot of work'? This ramshackle cabin in Tee Harbor, Alaska included such a description in its ad--although it was probably an understatement. Unoccupied for six years, the home was abandoned by its previous owners who left behind bags of moldy clothes and furniture scattered in the yard. The home's basement walls were rotted and its porch had collapsed. But none of that scared off Jennifer and Noah who saw beyond all that nastiness and bought the place anyway. That, my friends is the definition of intrepid. They paid $110K for the property and $35K later and a bunch of work--nearly all of it done by Noah and Jessica, this is what the property looks like now:

created at: 05/17/2010

There aren't any 'before' pictures of the interior, which may be just as well, considering, but there is an 'after' slideshow of it. I'm guessing its transformation is as equally amazing as the exterior's. You can read all about the couple's trials and tribulations at this very interesting article at Sunset.

The kitchen after:

Kitchen Makeover

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