Meg Ryan's Design Tips

Meg Ryan's Design Tips

An interior design enthusiast and remodeling junkie, Meg Ryan is a Curblier at heart. (Even if she doesn't know it.) In the June 2010 issue of Elle Decor, Meg gives us a tour of her Martha Vinyard's home. Meg did use the help of decorator Marsha Russel of Satinwood Ltd, who, according to Marsha was basically a sounding board and procurer. Meg was the visionary. We can get a peek inside Meg's house on Elle Decor's website, but for the full experience, we'll have to spring for a copy of the magazine. However, Meg does share her eminently practical design tips free of charge. Here they are in a nutshell.     

  • Keep things simple
  • Consider the light
  • Decor should reflect the structure and setting
  • Live in a place before making any decisions (IMO...one of the best pieces of advice concerning remodeling EVER.)
  • Practicality rules
  • Make the most of a few materials
  • Look locally for inspiration
  • White is right
  • Textures soften a space
  • If you like it, stick with it
  • Never stop looking for inspiration

For further discussion of each of Meg's tips, follow this link to Elle Decor.

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