12 Kitchen Designs, All Tastes Accounted For

12 Kitchen Designs, All Tastes Accounted For

A while back I posted some pics with the title 'My Dream Kitchen'. It produced a surprising amount of comments. About half of which telling me what horrible taste I have. I'm still scratching my head over some of them. Sure, tastes differ, but that doesn't necessarily mean one is better than another. And good thing we all DON'T have the same taste. Life would be incredibly boring. Plus, we'd live in world of no before and afters. How tragic would that be?? But I digress. The point of this post is 12 kitchen designs, one for just about every kind of design aesthetic. I, however, will not tell you which is my favorite. I don't need the grief. 

For the remaining 8 kitchens, follow this link to the slideshow at HGTV.


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