How to Make an Indoor, Wall-Mounted Clothesline


As we speak, a very large damp coverlet is draped over my banister. If I had a clothesline, it would be hanging outside, of course. But not only do I not have an outdoor clothesline, I don't have an indoor one either. Although, my coverlet wouldn't fit on this wall-mounted indoor clothes line, my unmentionables certainly would. If you have an unused corner somewhere in your diggs, you just might want to make one. Here's the supply list:     

  • a random piece of wood
  • screws and eye screws
  • plugs, to fill holes
  • hooks with heavy duty magnets, if attaching to ductwork and the like OR
  • eye hooks washers and nuts, if attaching to a hollow object OR
  • another piece of random wood and more screws, eye screws and plugs, if attaching to another wall
  • paint, if desired

For the entire tute, head on over to Chez Larsson.


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