Dumpster-Diving Decor

Dumpster-Diving Decor



Confession: When my brothers and sisters and I were kids, there was nothing better than accompanying my father to the local dump. I grew up in a small town when and where such things as junkyards and town dumps were standard issue. The purpose, of course, was to dispose of our garbage, but we always ended up finding some treasures to haul back home with us--much to my mother's dismay. Two classics I remember finding were a very old leather trunk and a perfectly-functioning portable record player circa Brady Bunch era. Now if I want to junk hunt, I have to hit the streets on garbage day or linger around dumpsters in parking lots of apartment buildings and such. Which brings me to the topic of this post.     Designers Nora Korn and Christoph Kohler spent three months doing some serious dumpster diving that resulted in 50 piles of cast-off and repurposed it into new things. The outcomes are whimsical and completely inspirational. 


You can see more creations and read more about Nora and Christoph at learningfrom.de. Via.

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