Reverse-Engineered TV Homes

Mark Bennett, Home of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (Batman)

Mark Bennett's artwork is very unique and utterly cool. He reverse-engineers fictional homes from TV series and sells them as artwork/blueprints. And if you can read the fine lettering on the image above, you'll see that it's the blueprint for none other than Wayne Manor. 

He's also done the entire town of Mayberry.     

Mark Bennett, Town of Mayberry

And, probably the most awesome fictional home of all time, Jeannie's bottle!

Mark Bennett, Home of Jeannie

Head on over to ArtNet to see more of Mark's work, including the Jetson's sky high home, Laverne & Shirley's apartment and the Fintstone's cave dwelling digs, among many others.

Via Dudecraft and Core77.

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