How To Scan Your Favorite Dress to Make Wallpaper

How To Scan Your Favorite Dress to Make Wallpaper

The first time I used fabric to make "wallpaper" was when I was working on a nightstand for ApartmentTherapy's January Jumpstart project. I realized I could photocopy the fabric I was using to upholster the outside, and adhere the paper version of it on the inside of the nightstand.

Never did I imagine making enough pages to wallpaper an entire wall out of my favorite fabric. ShelterPop's review of Derek and Lauren's book,  Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art, reminded me of all the fabulous things that you can create with  wallpaper. Derek and Lauren are regular contributors to DesignSponge.

created at: 04/26/2010

Here's what you need to make wallpaper pieces from your favorite dress or skirt:

favorite fabric

white printer paper

computer with scanner, printer, color photocopier



metal ruler

wallpaper paste and brush

plastic float



See how to do this, and more, on ShelterPop.

*When I used photocopies to do a decoupage project, I sprayed them with a water based acrylic sealer before submerging them in water to keep the color from running. I'm not sure how wallpaper paste will affect color copies.



Book Image: Chronicle Books

Photo Image of dress: Erin Kunkel


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