How to live an Eco-Frugal Life

Earth Day Sacramento 2009

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate the event, the Coupon Sherpa has put together an online Eco-Frugal Life Guide (also available in PDF format) to remind us that living a green lifestyle will actually SAVE us money. And I'm not just talking green appliances that start saving you money in 10 years. Oh, no, no, no. The Sherpa's eco-frugal advice will start saving us cash NOW.     

From conserving on food, personal hygiene, working out, cleaning, vacationing and even green savings for kids (I particularly like 'The Definitive List of DIY Kid Products'), the Eco-Frugal Life Guide has too information to cover in one tiny post. Just head on over to Coupon Sherpa today and download your guide to start living a greener, more frugal life. 


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