How to Make a Hubcap Clock

by on Apr 20, 2010

created at: 04/20/2010

Photo: StevenShaverDesigns

Speaking of Secondhand Chic, can you get any more chic than a Mercedes hubcap clock? This particular hubcap might be a scarce commodity at a flea market, but if you do come across one, by all means grab it up. Hubcap art isn’t especially my taste, but this Mercedes clock is smart! I especially like it that the artist used the open circle, mod hands which tie in nicely to the cutout edge of the hubcap. Here’s all you need to make your own hubcap clock:

created at: 04/20/2010

What you need:

A quartz clock movement (available online at Klockit)

Drill and drill bit (bit should be slightly larger than the threaded shaft of the clock movement)

Pliers and small wrench

Here’s what you do:

1. Determine the center of the hubcap

2. Either drill a small pilot hole through the center or tap a nail into the center to indent it

3. Drill the hole for the clock movement

4. File off any metal splinters with sandpaper or a metal file

5. Insert the threaded shaft of the the clock movement throught the hole

6. Make sure the clock movement fits snugly, not too tight and not too loose

7. Follow directions to attach clock hands and set the time