What’s Out In Interiors

Last week, the Minneapolis StarTrib ran an article highlighting the "what’s in" and "what’s out" in real estate trends. Mark Nash, noted "trend-spotter" and author of "Real Estate A-Z for Buying and Selling a House," surveyed 900 real estate agents, brokers and the like and came up with some interesting result.

What’s Out In Interiors

Just plunked down a pile of cash on stainless steel kitchen appliances? Sorry. They’re out. Homeowners have grown tired of the cold look of stainless and have realized they’re hard to keep clean. Warm tones, on the other hand, are in.

What about those cool glass upper kitchen cabinets? Apparently they’re only good for the most obsessive neat freaks.

Like chrome? That’s joining shiny brass in finishes to eschew. Brushed nickel and pewter are still in, however.

How about a bowl-shaped above the counter sink? Yup. That’s out too. Again, homeowners have found them tedious to keep clean.

Also heading south on the trend train is bamboo flooring, sad to say, as it dents and scratches easily and can warp in homes located in areas of fickle climatic changes. Hardwood laminate flooring is falling out of favor as well, as it doesn’t tolerate multiple sandings when refinishing is necessary.

You can read more about Nash's ins and outs here.

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