The Green Toad Painting System

The Green Toad Painting System

Not only does The Green Toad have one of the coolest names to come out of the hardware world in decades, the painting system just might revolutionize how we all paint in the future. This is how it works: The Green Toad system consists of ergonomic handles (available in standard grip as well as in 'extra contour' for larger hands)    and interchangeable painting heads, including various-sized brushes, rollers and even a 2" sponge.

created at: 03/30/2010

The heads rotate and lock into eight different positions, allowing you to find the angle that's most comfortable for you. Developed in consultation with physical therapists, the system reduces that all too familiar pain in the wrist after a long day of painting. Now, would they take a bit of getting used to? Probably, but that's only because our hands are used to contorting around a straight paint brush handle. 

Green Toad products are made of recycled materials and are completely recyclable as well as biodegradable and compost-able. All of the brushes available are suitable for painting, varnishing and staining. 

For more information about the Green Toad, follow this link. (The home page includes a rather entertaining video of consumers using the 'Toad'; if you watch it you'll probably want one.) 

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