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8 Must-Have Cookware Essentials

by on Mar 19, 2010

Ask any cook and he or she will tell you they have a favorite pot. And knife. My two faves are an All-Clad 3 quart, lidded saute pan and Wusthof 8″  Bread Knife (which, frankly, scares me a little; let’s just say it could star in a slasher film). What others should be on mine (and your) list of essentials? Cathy Erway gives us the breakdown.


  1. A heavy-bottom pan with a lid (See, my affection for my saute pan is warranted!)
  2. Food processor 
  3. Dutch oven
  4. A good knife (I also love my 4″ Wusthof paring knife; I use it CONSTANTLY. I also have an inexpensive 8″ Chicago Cuttlery chef’s knife that I really like too. It seems more balanced for my hand than my 6″ Wusthof chef’s knife.)
  5. Mixing bowls that can double as serving ware (This is a GREAT idea that I must employ soon.)
  6. A few roasting/baking/cookie-making trays.
  7. A high-heat silicone spatula. (Got one. LOVE it!)
  8. A ‘wild card’ appliance that you love. 

So, what are your ‘kitchen essentials’? What’s your ‘wild card’ appliance??? (My toaster needs replacing, and I’d really like to get one of those ridiculously expensive models. Is an expensive toaster ‘wild’ enough???)

For more information about the products on the list, follow this link.