Make Your Own Ironing Board Cover

Make Your Own Ironing Board Cover

Have you looked at your ironing board cover lately? Their rattiness always sneaks up on you. Probably because it's one of those things you can hide away. But, really, a nice, pretty ironing board cover can make the tedious job of ironing so much more pleasant. Instead of opting for a ready-made, ill-fitting cover, we can make our own one-of-a-kind, perfectly-tailor cover thanks to Maika Creations' tutorial. Here's what Maika says we'll need to whip one up:

  • cotton fabric 
  • double folded bias tape
  • elastic (5mm wide)
  • butcher's paper for pattern
  • cotton (for batting)
  • sticky tape, pencil, ruler, scissors, measuring tape, thread, sewing machine

To see the entire tutorial visit Maika Creations or go to this handy Google Doc directly.

Via Whip Up.

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