Vegas Style on a Dollar Store Budget

Vegas Style on a Dollar Store Budget

Larry Hart loves his glue gun. So much so in fact that he used it to help give his mother the one thing of which she always dreamed: a big, shiny house. Located in a once thriving but now down on its luck neighborhood of Las Vegas, Hartland Mansion, which the family calls the residence, can give any casino a run for its decor money. Besides the glue gun, Larry also employed his cake decorating kit to jazz up the place, using it to pipe plaster onto the fireplace in the master bedroom.

Gary must know a thing or two about sewing as well, for he made the bedding, drapes and upholstery in the home's 'Velvet Room'. 

Gary made this velvet bedspread too...all 34 pounds of it. The headboard, which came from an MGM Grand fire sale, cost 15 bucks. The bedside lamps came from the same sale, but they only cost 10 bucks each. 

Oh, and as for that glue gun....he used it to give the Liberace treatment to this spinet piano. 

See more remarkable pics at NY Times, as well of the story of the Hart Family and Gary and his glue gun.

All images courtesy of Ethan Pines for The New York Times.



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