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Kitchen Night

Uniques Homes launched an 'Ultimate Kitchen' contest in their February/March issue, inviting realtors to submit images and details of the most spectacular kitchens in their most spectacular listings. Some might label them 'state of the art' or 'over the top' or both. Of all the entires they received, they culled them down to 6, using the following criteria to do so:


  1. The design of the kitchen. This included aesthetic appeal, functionality, entertainment ability, and consideration of the materials used.
  2. Technology/amenities/high-end appliances.
  4. Overall “wow” factor.
  5. How well the kitchen worked with the rest of the home.
  6. Miscellaneous considerations, such as “green” features or other unusual aspects that would make the kitchen appealing to high-end consumers.


Unique Homes is now asking their readers to pick the best. Follow this link to start your tour of the kitchens, which include many more images of specific details of each. So what do we Curbliers think? 



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DIY Maven on Mar 11, 2010:

Bruno: tee hee hee. I love it when idea of 'ultimates' collide! Have you ever been faced with a friend or family member saying 'do you like my new (fill in the blank)?' and you're supposed to be all ooh-y and ah-y but you're like WTF? ONE time, very long ago, I made the mistake of saying something 'wasn't my taste'. I think that put me on that person's shit list for life. Now I just smile and nod. I think when most people ask, what do you think?, they really don't want to know. 

bruno on Mar 11, 2010:

AGHH! These are mostly horrible! WTF? Have these people no restraint? Taste? Anything? That stone-smattered one looks like a dungeon. The first two are, um, LAME!

Is it just me? Anyone?

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