Certain colors can make you fat.

It's true. Studies have shown that certain colors can stimulate your appetite which may, in turn, make you put on the poundage. 

Red dining room


Wanna paint your dining room or kitchen red? Doing so may land you at the nearest Weight Watchers meeting. So too can orange and yellow. These colors are warm and inviting, which may keep you lingering at the trough longer than necessary.


Blue or shades of indigo or violet would be a better choice as they repress appetite, but they are also relaxing. Relax a bit too much and you might not be motivated to get to that workout.

created at: 03/01/2010

The best choice for your waistline? Green and shades thereof. They create balance. Although, greens with a yellow or acidic hue should be avoided as they can cause tension and upset. 

All this color advice should come with a caveat, however. Ultimately, color choices are incredibly personal. In picking them, it's always best to go with your gut. (Rimshot.) For more information regarding color and appetite, follow this link to Style Estate.

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