Crazy cool credenza makeover.


So Joanne snagged this MCM credenza at a rummage sale for 30 bucks. Some cleaning, possibly sanding, painting and a new wine storage cube later andta-da!


The new drawer pulls were a perfect choice.


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Trish on Oct 31, 2015:

I love it! People with negative comments are just HATIN!!!

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2015:

Not thrilled with makeover. It looks like a redone job. At least the original had character.

EriMom on Aug 18, 2015:

The original looks better. A bit of clean up and restaining and it would look 10X better than that "after" pic.

Mo on Aug 06, 2015:

Love it!  It's gorgeous!  Very clever!

AnnC on Sep 22, 2014:

Should have made the wine rack using the X wood design from the door, instead of circle cutouts. 

Michele on Sep 06, 2014:

Awesome transformation!!!

Anonymous on Sep 05, 2014:

Neither. The before is just worn out. The after is just ugly with only part of it painted white. The only part that looks good is the bottle of wine.

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