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powderpuffdiyer on Mar 12, 2007:

Thank you Balubalu.  It worked out great.  I did vary the design slightly by using two sheets of plywood.  The first sheet was cut to exact lenght of window seat.  This acts as a base.  The second sheet was cut into 3 peices.  I covered each of the 3 peices to make 3 separate seats within the window seat.  I enjoyed myself on this project.  Thanks again for the easy, quick and economic design.

powderpuffdiyer on Mar 10, 2007:

Thank you thank you thank you.  I've been surfing all morning for some simple plans to build a window seat but I keep finding the same sets of instructions.  They either have you ripping off baseboards to attached 2x4s to the wall, or they advise you to first build a frame and partitions out of 2x4s as your base.  I rent where I am so I'm not really interested in major construction.  I just have a nice little niche under my bedroom window which has 3 feet of wall jutting out on both sides so it just seems the perfect place for a window seat.  Your solution is absolutley fabulous.  Thank you.  I'm off to Rona to buy my cinder blocks and particle board. I already have the fabric, foam and a multitude of throw pillows so I should be curled up reading a book in my new window seat by this evening.  I truly can't thank you enough for this very quick and simple solution that can travel with me when I move.  You're a very smart cookie.  :)

sparkie on Jan 24, 2007:

I love window seats since I was a small child.  I think there was one on a kid's tv show which I first saw.  Thanks!

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