8 Uses for 1 Sock

combo 1
combo 2
combo 3

What happens to all those missing socks? Does the washer eat them? Do one-footed fairies snatch them from the dryer while they're still toasty warm? Whatever the reason for their disappearance, they leave behind partners that require new jobs. Re-nest complies 8 ideas for these singletons.

  1. A dust mitt
  2. A shoe polishing cloth
  3. A drink sleeve
  4. A change purse
  5. A sock monkey
  6. A heating or cooling pad
  7. A draft dodger
  8. An eyeglass case

For individual instructions, check out this post on Re-Nest. The socks pictured above are intentionally, adorably mismatched. You can find them at Little Miss Matched.

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