25 Biggest Renovating Mistakes


25 Biggest Renovating Mistakes


HGTV asked their experts and they have spoken. These, ladies and gentlemen, are the 25 Biggest Home Renovating Mistakes renovators make. From least biggest (?) to the biggest of the big, here they are:

25. Gutting Everything

24. Buying Cheap Materials

23. Excessive Use of Duct Tape 

22. Inaccurate Measurements

21. Not Doing the Prep Work

20. Using the Wrong Tools

19. Building a Small Bathroom

18. Ignoring Lighting

17. Going Too Trendy

16. Building Small Doorways

15. Failure to Anticipate Chaos

14. Incorrect Storage of Materials

13. Not Using Green Materials

12. Using the Wrong Paint

11. Building Narrow Halls and Staircases

10. Choosing the Wrong Windows

9. Forgetting About Safety

8. Not Doing Your Homework

7. Forgetting to Update the Electrical System

6. Ignoring Your Home's Style

5. Avoiding Permits

4. Setting an Unrealistic Budget

3. Hiring the Wrong Contractor

2. Taking On More Than You Can Handle

1. Overbuilding for Your Neigborhood

So, have you made any of these mistakes? MWT and I have. When we first renovated our current house, we bought very inexpensive carpet to put over the areas that had a cement substraight. It was made out of recycled milk jugs--I kid you not--and it sort of 'crunched' when we walked on it. Ick. We replaced it last year with a lovely, SOFT nylon that was about 4 times more expensive. 

To see why and how to avoid these mistakes, follow this jump to HGTV.

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