'Slim' Bookcase Turns Books Into Art



As the saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover, but sometimes the covers are so pretty. For the amount of effort that goes into producing such things, it really is a shame to hide them on traditional book shelves. With the clear acrylic Slim bookcase, available at Yanko Design, we can now flaunt all those covers. Yes, it's a bookcase, but it displays titles in a way that transforms them into wall art. A great multifunctional item that you can change up on a whim depending upon your decor and reading tastes. The longer Slim version will set you back $190 (holds 10-12 books) and the smaller $129 (holds 4-6 books). Before you scoff at those prices, just think about how much you've shelled out for wall art...so, you know, pretty reasonable, considering!





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