Air Plants and How to Display Them

Air Plants and How to Display Them

Air plants might look fake, but they're not. Their genus is Tillandsia, and their family the Bromeliad. They can be grown indoors or out, prefer cool nighttime temps and bright filtered light. They also do well in artificial light as well; florescent is best. Tillandsia grown indoors prefer to be thoroughly wetted 2 to 3 times a week, whereas if they're grown outdoors they may never need watering. For food, an air plant will do just fine with a Bromeliad fertilizer (17-8-22) twice a month. If all these 'rules' sound stringent, they aren't. Tillandsia are incredibly hardy, which is one reason why so many people think they're not real!

Now, how to display them.... Apartment Therapy put together a gallery of some great ideas. Although, according to my source, Air Plant City, Tillandsia don't like to be in containers that hold water. That being said, let's take a peek, shall we?

To see more display ideas, visit Apartment Therapy. And for more information about Tillandsia and to order a few specimens for yourself, follow this link to Air Plant City


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thyrza on Feb 03, 2010:

of course!

Here is another link to a dry terrarium with tillandsias I did last summer. I am not sure they get enough air in there so I told the owner to keep the door open once in a while...I also sculpt the figurines from polymer clay


stuck an air plant on top of a mini bonsai for a strange looking tree


inside a hanging cage (he looks very dangerous in there)


DIY Maven on Feb 02, 2010:

Those are BEAUTIFUL! Would mind if I posted the pictures? Including that first Picasa pic of yours? 

thyrza on Feb 02, 2010:

here are some other great things being done with tillandsias

vertyical garden installations:



beautiful lampshade like installation



a disguise:; )


DIY Maven on Feb 02, 2010:

thyrza--very cool! It's like a plant curtain!!

thyrza on Feb 02, 2010:

I have come up with a few ideas for tillandsias that will help the plants live because I read the instructions at airplantcity too.

Here is one type- I use silver chains and various other silver hoops or what have you to frame the plants:



another thing I do is to sculpt polymer clay arms with hands that hold the air plant which I tie on with invisible thread. The arms have stakes that I put into other succulent planters or wherever- have yet to post pics.

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