Build A Modern Bed

In responce to a question posted on Curbly, here is how to build an inexpensive but still very modern bed. 

You can achieve a nice low bed with a very simple design. You could simply build a square frame that rests on the floor at the desired height by using 8x8. This would give you a nice 8 inch rise off the floor you could even go with 8x6 or 8x4 if you want real low. Cut the length to be a bit smaller than the mattress so you can create a nice overhang which is very modern and adds that bit of design to the piece. Once you have built the frame you need to create the platform for the bed to rest on, a nice piece of 3/4 ply would work. Make sure to cut it to fit the mattress for a nice tight fit. Then to finish the nice clean look, take some finishing pieces and build a very low frame around the ply so the mattress will sit inside the frame and finish off the rough edge of the ply.


Build a modern bed

This will create a very nice looking bed. You can expand on this design to create sitting platforms on the sides or foot of the bed as well. You can even build drawers that go under then bed for additional storage. You can then paint or stain the bed to match anything in the room.

Vintage Swank

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Thumper on Feb 13, 2007:

uhh pictures woulda been nice.

creede on Nov 17, 2006:

I say use a nice 13 ply birch, and leave the edge exposed for the plywood. Wrap the base 2x8 in the same ply and finish it all with a nice waterbased polyurethane. Minwax makes one that I use all the time, I love it. Total cost will be under $200 easy, and it will look sweet.

VintageSwank on Nov 16, 2006:

Well your best bet is buying a nice oak or maple ply that has a single sheet of wood face. It could be as much as 3 times the cost of a pressed ply but worth it. Since you are looking at $150 to build this bed from the thousands if you bought one, the upgrade in materials could be worth it.It would be easy to stain or paint in any finish. You could even get fancy and fabric cover the frame for a contemporary design. You want to avoid the pressed ply if you intend on showing the ply in your design. This cannot be easily covered by any finish except the fabric. The design above hides the ply unless you lift the mattress off the bed, so it could be left un-treated as long as the wooden framework was finished.

Vintage Swank

alttext on Nov 16, 2006:

Any suggestions for a good finish for plywood?

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