Ikea Hack: Hemma Light Chandelier

A trip to Ikea and the hardware store, a scant hundred bones, and my, oh, my, what a dramatic outcome. Instructables user coozerlv created a huge impact with ten Hemma light cord sets and a weekend.

Connect bulbs and you


-10 Hemma Lights
-10 Air Gap Caps (used to cover the Hemma fixture and hide the threading)
-10 Washers
-10 Eye Hooks
-10 Drywall Anchors (optional)
-Cover (from a lighting & fan store)
-10 Light bulbs
-2 Large Electrical Wire Nuts
-Plastic Cable Ties


-Wire Cutters
-Sanding tool (Dremel or Mouse Sander or Metal File)
-Drill with large bit
-Electrical Wire cutter/stripper

Check out the how-to at Instructables.

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