Fish Tank Sans Fish

Converting Aquarium into Terrarium

If I had a dollar for every fish tank I've seen in someone's garbage, in a dumpster, at a rummage sale or at the thrift store, I'd be rich. Well, I'd have a fifty bucks in my pocket to be sure. I imagine whoever owned them grew tired of fish maintenance or perhaps the tanks sprang a leak.Whatever the reason they were discarded, I've always thought it a shame, because fish tank, even without fish, are kinda cool. You, like me, have probably seen them made into terrariums, like the one pictured above, or even little greenhouses. Janis, however, saw one used as a means of displaying decor treasures awhile back. Ever since she was on a lookout for a wayward tank to call her own. How about you? Do you have any ideas for re-using fish tanks sans fish?

For now I have filled my tank with some of my mercury glass.  The tiaras are part of a collection I started this past year (all from thrift stores!).

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