The Most Valuable Thrift Store Shopping Tip

The Most Valuable Thrift Store Shopping Tip

Photo: ApartmentTherapy

This ApartmentTherapy photo is featuring wallpaper. To me, it screams "buy both of them" in reference to the chairs. I've said it before, here on Curbly, and I'll say it again, ALWAYS buy a pair if they're available.

One of my upholstery students arrived last week with a beautiful maple, mid century modern Conant Ball chair she just purchased at Goodwill. An unusual and exceptional find at Goodwill! 

created at: 2010/01/20

Two chairs were available, $20.00 for the pair and she bought one and left the other one behind. Arrrgggggghhhhhhhh! She ended up trading me this chair for a more traditional one I had in my furniture storage area. I quickly got on the phone to Goodwill to try to track down the twin, but to no avail. Drat!

A pair of anything is more valuable than one and in the case of this chair, well, I can't even think about it.

If you don't have room for two in one room, split them between rooms, let a friend borrow one for awhile, but just be sure you own the pair.

Better in Two's:



end tables

bookends (Ha!)




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