Color Psychology

Color Psychology

We’ve all probably heard about the effects of color on mood. Heck, we’ve probably even experienced it. Ever notice how doctors’ offices are often decorated in watery blues and greens? That’s because blues are considered calming and greens are considered tranquil.

So what does this mean for those of us with our hearts set on a vibrant-colored bedroom? I guess it depends upon what you want to do in your bedroom. Ultimately, to fulfill your dreams of a colorful retreat and still have a good night’s rest, a favorable compromise might be fiery bedding and pillows (you’re not really going to see them when you’re lying under them anyway) with a calming paint effect on the walls. For instance, go for the chilli pepper red comforter and putty-colored walls and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

For an easy-to-understand explanation of the emotions associated with colors, a visual representation of each and even suggestions as to where certain colors work best, visit See My Design. And for in-depth information on color and mood, check out how-to-faux-finish's excellent article.





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