How to Turn a Pair of Socks into Fingerless Mittens


It's really cold here. Like tongue-sticking-to-flagpoles cold. Such conditions demand puffy coats, hats, snow boots and mittens. All of which erase not only eliminate your perceived gender but also any semblance of grace. And dexterity. Which leads me to this how-to.Lee shows us how to turn a pair of socks into fingerless mitts, which will help keep us warm and still let us use our digits. (They are a photographer's must!) Lee gives us two versions. Here's what you'll need to make both of them:

Version 1:

  • one pair of socks that won't unravel easily
  • a scissors
  • a sewing machine or embellishments, optional

Version 2:

  • two or more pairs of socks with similar thickness and stretch
  • a scissors
  • a sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch

To see both tutorials, follow this link to Leethal.

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