Hot New Colors for 2010

Not for the faint of heart, this painted brick fireplace is a showstopper.  What I particularly like in this room is the soft blue rug that interjects something unexpected and calming.
Predictions abound for what the hot new colors will be in the new hot new year thanks to color gurus like Pantone. So, what should we look for as '09 succumbs to '10? Here are the highlights:
  • Neutrals with a heavy emphasis on gray. They include colors such as Taupe Gray, Silver Gray, Charcoal Gray, Tea Beige, Champagne Beige and Angora. Why the trend to neutrals? Because of the sagging economy. People will want an easy, calming palette with which to work. Neutrals fit the bill.
    According to Pantone, shades of gray will be the new neutral.
  • Black & white, which also fall in the neutral category, will still be very popular. Bold and graphic b & w patterns with dashes of bright color is a can't miss. (Example of interior shown above.)
  • If you want to take a vacation from economic woes, you may want to embrace jewel tones, which exude luxury. Benjamin Moor suggests Glowing Umber, Summer Plum, Wild Orchid, and Granite.
    A global color palette embraces deep jewel tones.
  • Irreverent color pairings will be causing quite the stir in 2010. It is a trend that is influenced by Japanese anime. These pairings might include Chipmunk Brown, Lavender, and Mimosa Yellow.
    To embrace the freshest palette, try some unusual color combinations.
  • Eco-friendly will continue to be chic in 2010. For this palette, think Mother Nature. The colors of fruit and veggies, like eggplant, tomato and lemon, serve as good examples.
    Always a winning alternative because earth colors are so warm and easy to live with.

Of course this is what the industry is predicting. Ultimately, color trends in our own homes should be influenced by what WE love. 

To read more about color trends for 2010, check out this excellent article from Terrie on Your Decorating Hotline.