15 Bundled Gift Combos to Keep Everybody Busy and Happy

15 Bundled Gift Combos to Keep Everybody Busy and Happy

The best gifts are the ones you get to fiddle around with all day long on Christmas day and beyond. After figuring out this brilliant formula for gift giving success, it almost seems too easy. Whatever the interest, buy a gadget, a book, and materials or tools to go with it. You get tons of mileage out of one theme and the recipient can't help but get completely engaged in the activity it provides. Check out tons of links right here.

Here are fifteen gift combo ideas guaranteed to bring hours of focused interest and joy. These are just ideas to get you started, you can take off on this on your own, find better deals, etc.

Gardener: Assembly-required potting bench, garden design software, membership to a seed/bulb club

Artist:  Gift certificate to a drawing class, book-Draw What You See, drawing supplies

Vintage Furniture Lover: Goodwill ottoman, beginning upholstery book, basic upholstery tools, gift certificate for fabric or fabric

Woodworker: Router, hard to find piece of beautiful hardwood, book on using a router, project book

DIY Interior Designer: Book on the basics of Design, paint chip book, notebook with pockets and paper for ideas, gift certificate for paint, fabric, art or piece of furniture to inspire

The Runner: Gift card for shoes, book on Marathons and Half Marathons, coupon for a trip to a nearby race with hotel and travel, other running gear, other running books

Crafter: Book on printing, 1 or 2 yards of fabric to print on, print making supplies, fabric paints or dyes to print with

Pet Lover: New puppy, chic dog accessories-collar, leash, dog bed, Dog Whisperer's book,

Reader: A couple of best sellers, coffee mug, Snuggie, flavored coffee or tea, slippers

Seamstress: Sewing machine, beginning book on sewing, sewing notions (scissors,pincushion,pins,thread,needles,chalk,etc., fabric, gift card for fabric, other books on sewing

Cook: Food Processor, trendy cookbooks, apron, commercial measuring cups

Aspiring Writer: Book on writing a novel, leather bound notebook, pen and pencil set, book on how to get published

Teenager: iPhone, speakers and dock, sport band for iPhone, gift card for iTunes, book all about the iPhone

Photographer: camera, tripod, Photoshop Elements 8, class in Photoshop, photo printer

Music Lover: concert tickets, gift card to a great restaurant, book on music genre or performers, music from that performer

You get the idea. Bundle gifts together so the recipient will get thorougly involved in the overall theme. Use your own creativity and move beyond this list.




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ModHomeEcTeacher on Dec 18, 2009:

I love that idea. I completely forgot about movie lovers and we LOVE movies!! Thanks.

Kristen on Dec 18, 2009:

For the Movie Lover:  a warm blanket (http://www.hornytoad.com/view-clothing-womens.w_fleece-cashmoore-blanket.html), a popcorn popper (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=16782378), popcorn kernals, and a gift subscription to Netflixs.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Dec 17, 2009:

I completely agree. My post was assuming that a family had decided on a puppy for Christmas and the gifts could be puppy related. I would never surprise someone with a pet. Good call.

Hannah on Dec 17, 2009:

Sorry, but I have to add as a fan of the site and an avid animal lover, that it's not a good idea to get someone a dog without them knowing it for Christmas. Lots of dogs end up at the shelter after the holidays due to being unwanted presents! (I know, hard to believe!)

Just a disclaimer :)

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