How to Make a Curly Christmas Tree Centerpiece

How to Make a Curly Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Today I was going to buy a bouquet of Christmas-y flowers to use as a centerpiece for my kitchen table, but I've changed my mind. I'm going to make one of these curly Christmas trees instead. Why? Because it'll last longer than the flowers and I'm pretty sure I already have everything on hand to make one. Here's what I'll need to scrounge up:

  • floral foam (a chunk of styrofoam could work too)
  • paper candy cup (I think I'll use a small basket or maybe a clear vase with fake snow sprinkled down around the styrofoam. To make the fake foam, I might find some more styrofoam and chunk it up into bits.)
  • 6 inch long florist's stake or painted (green, I'm guessing) 1/4" dowel 
  • green construction paper or heavy duty curling ribbon
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue/adhesive
  • waxed paper (another fake snow option)

To read how to put it all together, head on over to BHG. 

P.S. A shot of hair spray or spray adhesive over the tree and a dusting of fine glitter could make for just the right amount of glitz.

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