Holiday How-To: Illuminated Snowflake Ornament.

Dateline: Monroe United Methodist Church, Early December, 1986-1992. Tiny Chris is bent over a folding table in the Fellowship Hall, making beaded snowflake ornaments. And they looked NOTHING like this.

DIY Illuminated Snowflake Ornament Tutoria

From FashioningTechnology: "I'm unusually enthusiastic about this holiday season. I've already started making gifts and holiday decorations. I made a few handmade LED snowflake ornaments that I would like to share with the community. They are super-easy to make and only take about 15-20 minutes each (depends on how long you experiment with the beading). This is the first project that I've really "beaded" but I can imagine such beautiful forms from crafters/makers with actual beading experience."

Get the material list and step-by-step instructions.

Via MakeZine.

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