Modern Home Humidifiers - a Move Towards Stylish Home Necessities

Apparently, it can be done. From Materialicious: "HOME humidifiers are appearing with many new features and stylish designs as seen by the seven shown on this link. It's important to maintain a healthy balance of moisture and the hot dry air found in most homes during the winter months. The humidifier pictured is by Rocca."


I post not because I am completely enamored with the design, though I am. I'm more interested in the trend over the last two or three years that attempts to design home necessities in such a way that they don't need to stay in the closet or basement. Karim Rashid's Dirt Devil vac comes to mind. I've also seen fire extinguishers, and light switches, and doorknobs.

What basic home utilities have you seen made over? Post below.

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