Ikea Hack Mashup: Enzo Mari Table that Allows Everyone to Judge Production with a Critical Eye.

Ikea x Enzo Mari Mashup Table

Ikea Hack, n. a reconstitution of Ikea product supplies or parts to create an object different in use or design.

Mash Up, n. a work of art or process which recombines and modifies existing  works to create a derivative but original work.

Ikea Hack Mash Up, n. Awesome.

Greg has spent the last two years combining these two fantastic ideas. "An EFFE table based on a 1974 design by Enzo Mari, but made entirely from unfinished pine components of Ikea's Ivar shelving system. The vertical and diagonal elements are the square corner posts. [Some revisions were made mid-construction.] Horizontal elements are the pre-assembled shelving side trusses. [The center truss uses two trusses intact, while the end trusses use disassembled pieces.] The top is glued up from four Ivar shelves, which are braced underneath. [compare to Mari's original design below.]"


This Thanksgiving, he finished it, and has posted the final results here. Incredible.

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