How to Make Folded-Paper-CD-Case Art

decor de foret

These folded CD cases come to us from Studio Lo. The paper is provided, and you do the folding and arranging. As Studio Lo's site is primarily in French, I'm not sure if the cd cases are available for sale. 

decor imprimée

HOWEVER, I found a 6-sided folded paper CD holder how-to for a DIY attempt that could work.

CD Template

To make 'em, you'll need the following:

  • a computer printer (I'd just print it out once to use as a template so I could use the paper of my choice)
  • legal-sized paper (that's 8.5" x 14")
  • stickers, to seal, but I'd opt for a type of closer for repeat access
  • this PDF, courtesy of evie s.


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justbrowsing on Jan 18, 2012:

wow!!!!!!i love it!!!!!very nice idea.....tnx tnx

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