Holiday How-To: Mini Xmas Gift Parcels.

Traditional gift wrapping technique places this gift in tissue paper, then a box, then paper around the box, then tape to secure it, a ribbon for some extra fun, then a bow, a gift tag to determine the recipient, and sometimes, even an extra bauble or ornament dangling from the finished product.


Holiday How-To: Mini Xmas Gift Parcels.

This year - try something else, like these folded mini-gift parcels. Yoke Bakery has created a fully prepped option from a single sheet of paper. It might not take any less time the traditional route, but it'll be way more fun, and consume much less resources.


1. 200gsm A4 size colored papers
2. Corrugated cardboard
3. Twines/ribbons/strings
4. Scissors
5. Stick glue/double side tape
6. Ruler
7. Cutter Knife
8. Paper scorer
9. Cutting mat

Get the full instructions and templates here.

Gift Parcel 8

*Note - The template is set up for A4 paper, which is not a common dimension in North America. Adjust your .pdf accordingingly. :)

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