Fun and Interactive Wallpaper.

A traditional wall, by definition (I think), is a two-dimensional surface. By extension, wallpaper, traditionally, is also a two-dimensional deal.


At least, it used to be. "Designer Kicki Edgren Nyborg has decided that wallpapers shouldn’t be boring and repetitive.  Instead they should be interactive, functional and whimsical.  As far as functionality goes, her “Off the Wall” wallpaper is able to house lighting and storage.  Her second design, “Trans Wall” is meant for those that want to go against the grain with whimsical patterns that create flow for the chosen room.  Finally, for kids (and adults who love stickers), there is the “Wallplay” concept.  With a scenery to start off with, stickers are highly encouraged and included to create your own dream wallpaper. "

Read more at Killahbeez.

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