Considering kitchen soffits in the MCM home.


Have you noticed how many people are complaining about their kitchen soffits these days? Some think they're just an aesthetic issue and start demolition only to discover the soffits are hiding mechanical stuff like wiring and plumbing. Homeowners might also find that the ceiling above the soffit isn't finished, or it might even be textured with some sort of asbestos-containing material. (Horror!) So why remove them? Well, if your design preferences lean toward the mid-century, you shouldn't. At least that's what Retro Renovation posits...and for good reason. Soffits are totally retro, and, when taken into consideration of the overall design scheme, they can 'work'. Don't believe me? Just check out these vintage pics:



To read more about soffit love, head on over to Retro Renovation.

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