Before & After: Gross Ottoman Transformation

Before & After: Gross Ottoman Transformation

Remember this? See how it transformed...

created at: 2009/11/27

I was like a crazed maniac getting this stitched and buttoned, low slung, tangerine colored leg bench all ready for the guests. The pop of orange in the middle of the room ties the space together.

Here's how you make this cover:

  • Determine where you want the vertical and horizontal stitching
  • Determine where holes need to be drilled in the botton of the ottoman, drill large holes for the button twine to be pulled through and stapled tight
  • Allow between 1/4" and 1/2" for the seams
  • Chalk the horizontal fold lines in the fabric
  • Pin the seams in place, horizontal first, and stitch
  • Slide some tiny scissors inside the seam and cut the seam open, press with a hot iron
  • Pin the vertical seams in place and stitch in place, cut the seams open and press
  • Make enough covered buttons for the seam intersections
  • Thread the buttons with folded twine
  • Place the seamed fabric on top of the ottoman, aligning the drilled holes and intersection of seams
  • Push large needle up through the ottoman and thread the twine through, pull down tight and staple twine in place, double back and staple again
  • Once all buttons are pulled and stapled, staple the fabric in place around the ottoman
  • Always start in the center of one side, moving outward towards corners, stopping 4 inches short of corners
  • Move to the other long side and then the two short sides
  • Fold corners like tight sheets and secure with staples.
  • Voila'

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