How To: Organize Your Thanksgiving.


AOL's DomestoBlog ShelterPop has created a very helpful Countdown to Thanksgiving checklist to help you spread the amount of work over the next few days and to guarantee you won't forget anything! So, sure, they presumed you started three weeks ago, and you may have - but whether you've already got your placecards set or are headed to the grocery store this weekend to plan your menu, take these tips from Judy Ketteler with you.

For Example:

• Make your pies: pumpkin pie will easily keep (and maybe even taste better).
• Depending on its size, you may need to start defrosting a frozen turkey. Refer to the USDA guidelines again.
• Make a list of each dish, how far ahead it can be prepared, and set a schedule for the week. Remember that things like broth for stuffing and gravy can be made ahead (even frozen if necessary)."



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