The Best FREE On-line Paint Preview Viewer Ever

The Best FREE On-line Paint Preview Viewer Ever

Save yourself a lot of aggravation and visit Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer before you pick up a paint brush. This easy-to-use, FREE on-line viewer lets you preview a dizzying array of colors in the vignettes of your choice.

Simply pick "Let’s Paint,"click on a room category and then on an individual room that is the most similar to the space you want to paint. (Now for the fun part!) Choose–and RE-choose–your favorite colors to transform the wall, ceiling, trim and accent colors of your sample room. When you find the color combination of your dreams, you can even print the picture. (Helps to have a color printer here.)

For an even more personal experience, click on "Paint your digital photos" and order or download (for 10 bucks) Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer 2.0 so you can preview the actual room in question. Oh, baby! Sign me up!

Final thought: Benjamin Moore is excellent paint...and expensive. The good thing is, you don’t have to buy their paint to use their color viewer! Just take your Benjamin Moore paint chip–found at your local Benjamin Moore dealer–to the retailer of the paint manufacturer of your choice and they’ll be able to match it.

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Won on Aug 20, 2012:

I need to change colors but i do not know which colors?

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2012:

Try http://zabarw.pl - it's a really good tool to decide which paint color to use before actual paiting. And it's free...

terryswaler on Jan 31, 2007:

I bought the software ($10) and used it this past summer when I was trying to pick out colors for my exterior. 

It works pretty good...the only complaint I have is that the color of the picture WILL show through slightly so it doesn't give you a "true" color (if your wall colors are white or very light this will probably be a moot point) -- but it's excellent for identifying the colors that look horrible --and it will give you a good idea for what direction you want to choose in color families.

It does take a bit of messing around to get it so that it works -- but once you have the areas highlighted -- it's just a click to change wall, trim and accent colors.  Plus they have a lot of combinations that you can try with one click that you might not have thought of.

It's definitely worth the $10.   

sparkie on Jan 25, 2007:

I bought the $10 download but haven't used yet.  I did come home w/ about 1 pound of paint chip cards yesterday from the local big box stores.  I'm going to  mix up my own but wanted references.  Of course too many choices.

dentedvw on Jan 19, 2007:

This looks like a good option for those of us with very poor or no photoshop experience. I have tried other methods, but always with bad results. I am curious about how well the software works. Looking at other folks homes is nice, but what a great tool it would be to experiment with the color of the walls in your own home, without spending on painting. Anyone have any experience with the software yet?


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