DIYable Santa-Clues

<i>Santa</i>-Clues – For proof of Santa’s visit

Do you have an offspring in the house that is having doubts about some tubby guy dressed in a red suit shimmying down fireplaces all over the world and leaving presents under Christmas trees for good boys and girls everywhere? Perhaps the little skeptic needs some clues to help extend the magic of the season.For 15 bucks, you can order a Santa Clues kit, which contains everything you need to make Santa's visit seem a bit more plausible. Although...you could probably put together some DIY clues for a fraction of the cost. 

Here's what the kit, available from Spoon Sisters, contains, with suggestions for DIY substitutes:

  • round wire glasses (you can actually find these at your local craft store)
  • a torn piece  of red suit (found at the fabric store)
  • a large coat button (also found at the fabric store)
  • a boot print (although the kit includes a stencil and fake snow to achieve Santa's prints, I'd probably opt for mud + boot = prints in the foyer, or just boot prints in the snow)
  • a sleigh bell on a red ribbon (also at the craft store)
  • a toy list (printed off the computer and then distressed for a well-traveled look)
  • reindeer hoof prints (again, the kit uses the stencil and magic snow route, however, as they land on the roof where we can't see their hoof prints, you could skip it)
  • Santa's glove (I'd probably head to the dollar store for this one)


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