The Lego Countertop.

Curbly has seen plenty of Lego art over the years, perhaps some lego furniture, but fundamental built-in domestic structures? It's a first in my estimation...

Munchausen Lego Kitchen Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti

"The Munchausen Lego Kitchen is based around an Ikea island that has been outifftted with more than 20,000 Lego pieces. Not quite and afternoon in the playroom, the entrie process took the designers more than a week to complete. The results were well worth the effort, which gave way to a vast eye-catching mosiac. Additional pieces have been incorporated by the designers including funky Lego chairs with bolder patterns than could be achieved with molded plastic or metal, complimentary kitchen accessories, and what looks to be a cute little Lego man head cookie jar."

Check out the Munchausen Lego Kitchen



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